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Invitation to join us a co-founder of Juggar.

Juggar Private Limited is a fintech data analytics startup incorporated in Singapore, January 2018. Juggar is co-founded by Edmond Tan, a NUS alumnus and Darren Toh a SMU alumnus. The founders core experience lies in investments, real estate, value investing, commodities trading and risk management.

We think the outcome of starting a company as an entrepreneur is not black and white. The real value of the startup journey is the personal growth of the founders. Building a startup is a long term game with lots of hard work required from lots of people and right things happening at right time.

Let us share our story with you on what we have learned so far in our startup journey.

Our first idea was a restaurant dine-in ordering app. We saw a trend of restaurant installing tablets for their dine-in customers and thought it would be useful to have just one single app where every restaurant’s menu would be made available on the app. Think about Foodpanda or Deliveroo but use for restaurant dine-in ordering purposes. We attempted on the idea for 6 months but decided to drop the idea as we have concerns on the feasibility of the business model..

Our second stint was on Juggar. Edmond and Darren are users of shares financing (margin trading) to enhance the returns of their investment portfolio. It was something we are familiar with and we could clearly point out the pain faced by user. We attempted on the StartupSG Founder grant and went through several rounds of pitching. Our first application was unsuccessful but we did not take no for an answer. We went through further round of pitching with Spring and refine the application. Our efforts paid off and we were the first batch of SMU startup to be awarded the StartupSG Founder grant.

NUS took notice of our idea and invited us for a pitching session, we were excited as we are one of their few fintech applicants. We had several round of pitching session and today, we are carrying seed funding from Enterprise Singapore and NUS. NUS and SMU both provide incubation space for Juggar.

Now, back on to Juggar. Juggar’s business model is to leverage on shares financing to build a investment ecosystem. The databank of investment transaction into various stock market, assets classes, volatility would help in the creation of an investment ecosystem comprises of service providers that covers asset allocation, diversification, portfolio analytics, research and social investment. This ecosystem is made possible with shares financing as the core driver.

You may visit the our LinkedIn profiles to learn more about us

Darren Toh: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrentoh/

Edmond Tan: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edmondtan/


After almost 1 year of working on Juggar, we finally had a beta launch 1 month ago. Currently we have more than 60 users and is on target to reach our first milestone. To expedite the growth of Juggar, we are looking for a business co-founder with the following traits to join us in this exciting journey.

  • You give more weight to execution than equity

  • You are independent, optimistic, creative and results oriented

  • You are willing to scale up your knowledge/ skills as fast as you dream of scaling up your startup

  • Never take no for an answer and willing to think out of the box to implement your strategy

  • You want to live an independent life; you should not have any intention of going back to a job or getting an early exit unless situation demands so

  • You are willing to survive on minimum salary to take care of your survival for initial months / years

  • You are willing to learn anything that makes startup rolling

  • Skills – taking ownership, taking initiative, taking care of people be it employees or customers or vendors and being very careful with usage of resources




Client Acquisition

  • Partner with stock broker / remisier to recommend their client to use Juggar as their shares financing avenue

  • Formulate a marketing strategy with the stock brokers / remisiers to target shares financing users

  • Identify other approaches to bring onboard shares financing users to Juggar


  • Run advertising campaign on Facebook and Google

  • Prepare analytics report (bi-weekly) on advertisement campaign to understand the strength/weakness, and suggestion for improvement

  • Research on how other local or international fintech startup go about launching their initial marketing campaign and compile their best practices for reference

  • Wordpress design and editing for our website - www.juggar.co

  • Attend investment seminars in Singapore to market Juggar

  • Design brochure/flyer/marketing email to reach out to clients

  • Design infographics/banner/graphic for facebook ads


See description above. 

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