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Country : Indonesia
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Design, Copy writing, Research (Ind)

We are a digital marketing agency that helps brands engage in organic accelarated growth.


WongSEEFUU Industries is looking for someone to manage Marketing, Graphic Design and Events and Media Management.

You will be reqired to do:

- Daily Stand up meetings and Reviews

- Brainstorming and Secondary Research

- Graphic Design

- Social Media Management

- Copywriting


Skills that will help you get this job are:

- Multi tasking. Not so much as doing many things at one time but being able to drop projects and switch over to something else immediately

- Artistic and Creative. Have a good sense of aesthetics and decent standards.

- Awesome at computer stuff, Especially google drive, since EVERYTHING is going to be managed through there.

Working Hours and System:

- You work from anywhere. Work while being on a holiday if you wish. You will be paid via Paypal every month.

- We will have daily meetings every morning. During this meeting, we will discuss the day's goals and objectives.

- Generally speaking you should be contactable at all times of the day via whatsapp to recieve updates and constant quick revisions of your work.

- The salary will be transfered to your Paypal, of which, frequency can be arranged according to your needs.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact wongSEEFUU.


1500000 - 3000000 IDR

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