Okestra Systems
Country : Malaysia
  • Full-time

Marketing Lead (Core Team)

Okestra is a new SaaS workflow product that aims to give companies the ability to build and monitor their processes.

How often do we see companies keep all their standard operating procedures (SOP's) on PDF's in the drawer, never to use them again. Or staff having to ask managers and colleagues what is the SOP for a particular process, be it filing claims or handling new clients.

We waste many hours weekly sorting out administrative works, thus not allowing members of a company to focus on their key works, thus limiting their potential.

Great companies have great people and great processes. Okestra is the only workflow solution companies need to accurately build and monitor their key processes in the company.


We are looking for a passionate marketeer that is able to pitch, sell and talk to new clients. This individual shall craft our marketing materials and reach out to new clients. 

They shall have an indepth understanding of our product and industry. 

To generate new client leads and explore new avenues for marketing to mutliple industries. 

PS: As part of the core team, you shall have more responsibilities and face more challenges as compared to a traditional marketeer being hired as employee xxx. With this comes more growth, learning and career advancement opportunities. 

Reach out to us. We're friendly  :)






Willingness to learn and be part of a dynamic fast growing startup

need we say more? 

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