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FullStack Golang & Javascript Developer

Okestra is a new upstart SaaS workflow product that aims to give companies the ability to build and monitor their processes.

We are a company founded by a mix of coders, process specialists, finance gurus and business hustlers. 

Our Pitch
Great companies are made up of two things, great people and great processes. Without one or the other, no company can truly scale and be efficient. 
Nevertheless, how often do we see companies keep all their standard operating procedures (SOPs) on PDF's in the drawer, never to see them again. Or staff having to ask managers and colleagues what is the SOP for a particular process, be it filing claims or handling new clients.

We waste many hours weekly sorting out administrative works, thus not allowing employees of a company to focus on their key works, thus limiting their potential.

We aim to solve this issue by building a workflow system that allows end users to build their workflows and leave it to the system to track and monitor their key workflows and processes. Let human do what humans do best, be creative and run the key operations of the business. 


Responsible to plan, develop, design, test, integrate and support for both frontend and backend. Required to alias with product managers, clients and team members to accommodate for product / client requirements. Required to record timesheet for billing purpose if required.


Passionate about technology and code
Interested in continously updating your tech skills
Being part of a fast moving new startup

  • Candidate with/willing to learn Golang backend
  • Must possess knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Babel Script, Axios, VueJS and GIT
  • Experience with ReactJS is an added advantage. We use VueJS, VueX, Nuxt, DGraph, NodeJS, Python, Docker
  • Have a Linux/macOS machine for development
  • Fresh candidates are welcome, experience preferred


PS: We require everyone to use Vim.    
just kidding. calm yourself down

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