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Country : Japan
  • Full-time

Outbound Key Account Manager (Japan Market) アカウントマネージャー

We are Inmagine Group, a creative solution provider that enables everyone to become a designer. Through our exclusive platforms, anyone who has a need for original content - including image, illustration, video or audio may source from us at a low-cost usage fee! Not only that, we too provide editing tools to work on the content which they downloaded from us. From procurement to design production, our creative ecosystem is powered by design, technological innovation, and entrepreneurship.


The Job:

  • Responsible for generating sales with new and existing customers.既存顧客管理および新規顧客の獲得。
  • Required to meet or exceed monthly sales quota and collection targets. 毎月の売上目標を達成し、入金(支払い)管理。
  • Continuously develop plans and promotional activities as well as strategies to bring in new markets. 常に新しいアイデアや企画で新規開拓を推進する。
  • Effectively communicate company's products, services and promotions to customers. 効率的に商品やサービスを案内する。
  • Continuously build and maintain good relationships with customers. 継続的に顧客との良い関係を維持する。
  • Manage customer inquiries and follow up on matters related to sales. 売上に関する問い合わせや要望に対して効率的に対応する。


The Person:

  • Diploma or Degree holder, preferably in Sales & Marketing or equivalent. 短大、大学卒業以上またはそれに準ずる経験。ビジネス、マーケティング専攻尚可。
  • Possess 3 - 5 years of working experience. 3-5年以上の社会人経験。
  • Adequate English proficiency for daily conversation. 英語でのコミュニケーションに抵抗がないこと。
  • Proven sales and customer satisfaction records and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. スピーディーな環境での営業経験及び、営業実績があること。
  • Familiarity with the designated sales market or a similar industry is a plus. デザインや広告業界での経験尚可。
  • Passionate about sales and marketing. 売上やマーケティングに対する意欲。
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, customer service skills, phone skills and an overall team player. コミュニケーション力のある方、顧客対応力の高い方、電話対応経験、チームで協力して目標達成を目指せる方。
  • Consistent in generating new marketing ideas and strategies. 新規開拓や新しい企画に意欲的な方。
  • Ability to multitask and make smart decisions when responding to urgent requests from clients. 顧客からの要望や問い合わせなど同時に多様なタスクを迅速に対応できる方。
  • Ability to adjust in a rapidly changing environment. 環境の変化などに臨機応変に対応できる方。
  • Must be internet savvy. インターネット環境やデジタル機器に精通している方。


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