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Product Development Executive

Ant is a Kuala Lumpur based biotech startup in the agriculture space. Ant is in the business of farming crickets as a highly nutritious and sustainable food source for livestock, pets and people. Did you know that cricket contains up to 3x more protein than beef, more iron than spinach and more calcium than milk? Crickets are up to 20x more efficient to produce compared to beef. At Ant, our vision is to promote the plentiful benefits of insects to industries and consumers across the world. We believe insects are one of the many ways to alleviate pressure from our existing food network because insects are packed full of nutrition, eco-friendly and sustainable. Our mission is to enrich lives of our customers, communities and the general public. We aim to enrich our stakeholders by implementing sustainable business practices and sustainable investment strategies.


This is a great opportunity for candidates to work in a fast-growing biotech startup - no science-based experience necessary. Successful candidate will work directly under the Founder & CEO to develop a unique product line for the export market. Get the opportunity to market and sell sustainable products with our Company. We are looking for keen learners, independent, responsible and passionate people who share our values and believe in our cause. Check our website for more info about what we do. Tasks for this position include:

  • Conduct research for the management team
  • Help to design, develop and market product
  • Assist team in designing great products
  • Assist team in obtaining relevant licenses and permits for products
  • R&D new product lineup
  • Improve existing product line
  • Research costing and develop budget for product line
  • Plan and execute sales and marketing strategies
  • Record keeping and analytics
  • Assist in company’s digital initiatives including: website update, social media management, create content, email marketing, manage customer data
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders including: supervisor, management team, package designers, customers, production team etc.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing other tasks as needed.


We are looking for:

·       someone who is independent and dependable;

·       someone who is extremely keen and passionate about our business and cause;

·       someone with lots of energy, enthusiasm and hunger to learn;

·       excellent communication, interpersonal and organisation skills; and

·       Candidates must be a university graduate or currently undertaking a degree university

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