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Fullstack Engineer - Fullstack Engineer Intern is a market research technology firm specialising in online / digital research using online surveys and real-time online focus groups. With an emphasis on speed and accuracy, can collect data about the opinions and behaviours of consumers & reach over 700,000 people across Malaysia and Singapore to deliver insightful analysis on that data in as fast as 24 hours.


We care that:

  • You are excited when faced with a task you don't know how to accomplish. Your mind races with potential solutions, and their respective pros and cons.

  • You have built at least 1 (one) software project with ACTUAL users before. It doesn't have to be running now, but at some point, it must have had actual users besides your family members. Friends discouraged but allowed.

  • You want to learn how to build software following modern best practices (automated continuous integration and deployment, microservices, service mesh-based systems etc), and are interested in applying those skills hands-on.

  • You’re data-driven and/or are comfortable with basic statistical principles and applying them to datasets.

  • You are comfortable working in team, or on your own, and not afraid to be honest when you don't know something (We encourage saying "I don't know, but I'll figure it out!")


We don't care:

  • If you don't have a degree

  • How old you are

  • What dev environment your run (but be familiar with *Nix commands please!)

  • What languages you currently code in


Our Stack:

  • NodeJS (KoaJS & ExpressJS) / Golang / Python
  • React / React Native / VueJS
  • MongoDB / Postgres
  • AWS S3 / Lambda / Kinesis
  • / CircleCI
  • Docker Swarm / K8s / Traefik / Nginx


Plus points:

  • You have taught yourself a programming language before.

  • You worked with NodeJS/Golang/React Native/MongoDB before.

  • You comment your code (at least minimally).*

  • You've written a test for your one of your software projects before.*

  • You have played around with Natural Language Programming / Natural Language Understanding algorithms / systems before.*


Extra plus points: (If any of these describe you, apply NOW. We definitely want you.)

  • You can succintly explain the difference between and Function.prototype.bind() in JS (Googling it now is fine too :D).

  • You enjoy reading IETF RFCs (or W3C working drafts) in your free time (We will ask about this, so don't cheat!)

  • You can argue for when an NLP solution should use naive Bayes over word2vec and/or doc2vec.*

  • You use the Javadoc spec when commenting your beautifully-written JS code.*

  • You've built applications that can handle > 1000s req/s without breaking a sweat.*

*Please link to evidence in your application.


3000 - 10000 MYR

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