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Backend Developer (Data Mining)

Omnilytics is a market intelligence company, providing real-time data and competitor analysis for fashion & beauty brands worldwide. This helps them make buying and stocking decisions in the most effective and efficient manner, increasing their retail sales per square feet and optimising assortments for revenue & profit. Omnilytics is used by global retailers, brands and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

With insights from over 100 million product SKUs across more than 15,000 brands and retailers, Omnilytics allows you to analyse your market & competitor’s offerings by Assortment, Price, Discount, Category, Colour, Size, Options and Strategy so you never miss out on profitable opportunities anymore.


Why work with us?

We practice flexible work arrangement in a results-oriented work environment where there are no official working hours. We believe that it is not about the hours, starting or ending time, but rather what is the most productive time to produce exceptional work. Everyone in our team enjoys a high level of autonomy and are empowered to make decisions and create impact. We cultivate growth, reward effort and celebrate achievements.

Be a part of our vision in powering the world by helping businesses make better decisions with data!


We are looking for individuals who are highly driven to succeed with a strong desire to build a career in the data field. You will fit right in to our team if you posses the following traits:

  • Resilience in solving problems. You believe that problems are made to be solved and not avoided. Often you will try many different ways instead of giving up when presented with obstacles. If you have a reputation for being a quitter or throws the first excuse that comes in mind when presented with a challenge, this role is not for you.
  • Scrupulous is your middle name. You are known amongst your friends to be the person who enjoy details and you do not shun from unravelling them. When presented texts like this, "normalize-space(//div[@class='special-price']/span[@class='price']/text())”, you believe it is just a matter of spending time to understand versus being overwhelmed with fear of failure.
  • Believes in efforts and results versus hours. Here at Omnilytics, we do not believe in counting the hours you spend in the office. We are one of the only few results oriented work environment (ROWE) where you have the choice to come in to the office at 10AM instead of spending your time in the jam at 9AM. What matters more to us that you are an independent adult who is capable of managing your own schedule so you can do the best work possible. We believe in an integrated work life. That means you should not burn yourself out from work, but neither should you shun from work when it is required after the official working days. Our official working days are from Monday to Friday but in the event of a system issue on the weekends, you will be expected to allocate time to fix the issue. Any work done on the weekend can be done at home and no office presence is required. If you desire a cushy 9-5 job with weekends absolutely off limits, this is not for you.
  • Strong aptitude to learn. You will be required to learn a lot of new things. If you are aware that change makes you uncomfortable, do reconsider your career choice in technology. Technology is fast paced, fun and we have access to the latest know-hows in the industry. Here at Omnilytics, you will be part of a team that continues to learn and grow in both industry knowledge and technical skills.


You will be a part of our Data Mining team and your job scope will include:

  • Build and iterate scalable data mining engines for data acquisition
  • Work with other agile teams on ideas and updates to APIs and Analytics processes



For IT graduates: A degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar.

For Non-IT graduatesA degree, higher Diploma in Engineering, Architecture, Physics, Maths or related industry.

Other industry and self-taught Developers: Experience in development, programming languages and undertaken own projects. Share with us the development project and how you worked on it.


This is your chance to join us in helping businesses around the world make better decisions with data. Apply now!

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