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Product Manager + UX Ninja

Dokonee is currently headquatered at Damansara and growing fast. We are investing in the talents and cultures of our company as we understand that these are vital for success. We believe that awesome company cultures equipped with work-life balance attract brilliant talents. Talk to us to know more about all the fun we have at Dokonee.


1. Build awesome product (mobile app and backend panel)

We envision a product that looks so great, that our team are proud of, and our clients will be so proud too. It will be the app that you will least likely to delete, not only filled with great contents, but it is so useful. It will be beautifully designed, with really smart interface to encourage interactions and stickiness. It will be an app for corporate solution, but we are going to change the way corporate solutions app works. On top of that, we envision for a super fun backend panel, with awesome charts and stunning interface, making analytics fun and exciting, so exciting that the management are addicted to it, and everyone can't stop scrolling it just like Facebook. It will be so lively, with constant real-time contents updates. 


2. Focus on the above, literally

To focus on building a great products, we believe understanding the users through BOTH talking to them, and using multiple sentiment tools such as Google Analytics, Crazy Egg etc are essential and vital. Successful AB test will be the best way to decide which to launch, on top of studying the user behaviour. 


3. We Believe In Beautiful Products

People do judge the book by its cover. So, yea aesthetic is vital, and we need to align on the direction.




1. You agree that we should build not a good product, but a great product. (Great products doesn't mean looking beautiful only or scoring 10 out of 10, instead it means a product that will convert our users to fans!)

2. You have built many great products, and you know how to do it (show us your portfolio, share with us your success stories)

3. We need you to propose to us how to innovate on our current app interface to a great app interface with awesome UX. We have a group of extremely skillful and dedicated engineers, as crazy as you can pitch, we can build. 

4. If you want to take it as another development/ design project, please skip us. We want to build a great product, and we need a product manager/ ux designer who's align with us.

5. If you want to see the product that you build/ design scale global, and have LOADS of people benefiting from it, then quickly get it touch with us. We are scaling at rocket speed!

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