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Internship (Business Development)

Dokonee is currently headquatered at Damansara and growing fast. We are investing in the talents and cultures of our company as we understand that these are vital for success. We believe that awesome company cultures equipped with work-life balance attract brilliant talents. Talk to us to know more about all the fun we have at Dokonee.


This role that you are applying to is one of the main driver of our startup. If this role fail, we're screwed.

Hence, we will need you to be extremely dedicated and efficient. It's not just another sales or marketing job. We're talking about a team of dedicated talents with world class clients, and we are all trusting you with this role.

It's going to be challenging, maybe the most challenging role that you'll ever come across in the next 5-10 years. Why? We move really fast and there will be many potholes along the way, so buckle up.


Business Development

> Cold Call - It's always the way to start. Unless you have better ways. You are going to be their best friend over the phone and they will be looking forward to meet you.

> Meeting - Here we always meet the biggest shot in the company, normally the C-level executives. Sometimes we gotta go with the department heads. Well, depends on how convincing are you.

> Presentation - You will be customizing and polishing the slides to fit for the clients. Each corporate client has different need and goals. We're gonna nail them with this slide, so make it as awesome as possible.

> Etc - Next, there are various stages such as tendering, follow up etc. But overall, this is pretty much all about the job.


What's In It For You?

> Everything you hear about startup - breakthrough yourself, experience the whole journey of building things from scratch to validation to scaling global. It's always better to learn how to fish, than to be given fish.

> Fast Track Career - Promotion and awesome rewards, also, we have been promoting our employees to become our shareholders and business partners, so you might be next.

> Opportunities to achieve things you would not have gotten elsewhere - join the management, head various business projects, meet c-level executives from various MNC.


1. Full understanding on what's a startup

This is not a normal company or a team of people camping at a corner trying to do something. We put our life in this. We bootstrapped it up. All our time, cash, hard work and every other opportunities that we are missing out. Just for this. Same goes with our clients. They are huge, and willing to give us the opportunity. And we MUST NOT fail them.


2. Be Lean and Agile

In another word, efficient. You can complete your tasks or projects with minimal resources, and solve issues at the speed of light. Maybe not speed of light, but fast enough.


3. You Are Awesome

Nice is not enough.

We only want to work with people who has great attitude, someone that we can take them as our family. See, in a startup there're always challenges, and we will need to go through it together. Not leaving anyone behind. Your problem is everyone's problem. So, everyone here NEED to be awesome.


4. Value Generating

Afterall, it's a business. Even a non-profit or social enterprise will need value generation. There will be KPIs, and we will need you to justify to us why you're the best person to help us go higher. Be ready to impress us. We've got someone came over and told us she can eat 3 bowls of ramen. It's pretty impressive, but not value generating to us.


5. Commitment

We WILL offer you a full time position regardless where are you coming from. Yes, even foreign interns. There's a condition. During your internship we can see that you are really committed and dedicated, and totally aligned and believe in what our startup want to achieve.We are growing, and our clients have global presence. So we are definitely scaling global, Singapore will be the next stop. We want a committed team, and you will have to be committed.


6. Passion

You need to have the passion to build things up from scratch, and solving every obstacles and challenges. You can't love cooking and hate doing the dishes. At least not in the startup. So, only passion will keep you waking up every morning and be happy.


Other Requirements:

Degree? Past Working Experience? Languages? Work Visa? Let's talk further if you think you fit all the requirements above.

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