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Customer Happiness Hero (Remote, Night Shift)


We, PT. XooGuu, is a small startup. We exist to empower small businesses to thrive. This is what we believe in. This is our purpose. This is our vision.


We make our customers happy by creating sales-boosting products that are insanely easy to use and providing them with freaking awesome customer service.


We have 2 products:

Zaxaa -- tool for small businesses to sell their products online.

BirdSend -- tool for small businesses to utilize email marketing to grow their sales.




Even though this is a remote position -- meaning you work from anywhere and anytime you want, this is a full-time position.

You’re measured by the output you produce. The results.

Your main responsibility will be providing freaking awesome SOLUTIONS to customers’ problems -- quickly and effectively -- via chat and email. You'll also help people with their questions in communities (forums, groups), plus create/start discussions... with the mindset that later on you could possibly offer our products as the solution to their questions/problems. Remember, it’s not just answering questions, it’s providing solutions to make them feel happy and satisfied!

This is very, very important because when they’re happy and satisfied, they will be loyal and tell others about us. This means more people become our customers, and that’s how we fund ourselves to grow the company to help even more small businesses thrive.

You’ll also be creating first-class help center documentation. Over time, you’ll become an expert in our product features, capabilities, and usage (You have to if you want to solve customers’ problems).

Though this is a remote position, you should be available to work a flexible amount of hours between 8pm - 5am GMT+7 during work days (Monday - Friday) and also provide light customer service on non-work days (Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays).

What is “light” customer service? It means checking the support system once (1X) per day during non-work days (Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) and providing customer service. For these days, what time you want to do it is up to you.

During your leave (sick or not sick), do NOT provide customer service. Enjoy your holiday or free time or rest well! Your teammates will cover for you :-)





You always put yourself in the other person’s shoes (whether it’s your family members, teammates, or customers), so that you can empathize with them and feel their emotions and understand where they’re coming from.

You always seek to improve yourself, both personally and professionally. Whether it’s striving to become a better friend, spouse, child, parent, or professional -- constant and never ending improvement is in your DNA.

You produce fantastic results. Period. No ifs. No buts.

You always approach things with positivity and optimism. You don’t complain and put blame on others. You understand that sometimes things just don’t go your way, but you always have a knack at looking positively toward things.

You’re thankful and grateful of who you are today and what you’ve achieved. You remain humble and strive to consistently improve yourself.

Be The Last To Speak
Most people talk much more than they listen. You’re the opposite -- you listen attentively before responding. When you listen more than you talk and when you’re the last one to talk, people know that you care about them.

Resourceful / Problem-Solver
If you don’t have the solution to a problem yet, you’ll find ways to solve it. You always do your own research first before asking others for help.

Self-Starter & Responsible
You’re a self-starter, inspired and motivated to find work when your current tasks are finished. You’re responsible and trusted by your teammates and do not need to be micro-managed or “spoon-fed”.

You always strive to provide value and be useful to other people... especially our customers, whether it’s via our products/services, or via providing customer service. Solving the customers’ problems is your #1 priority.

Fun & Impactful
You believe the work you do is not only fun and enjoyable, but you also understand the contributions you make is impactful to small businesses. Because of your contributions, they are able to grow and prosper -- which will create more job opportunities. So you’ll be contributing to the society as well.

You understand that you’re working together WITH a company (not for a company) that puts out simple products so that even the most technically-challenged person have no problems using them. 



If you believe in what we believe (empowering small businesses to thrive), if you believe in our core values, if you believe you’re meant to do greater things than just “working for the sake of money”, if you believe in making an impact in this world through your work and contributions… you definitely should join us because it’s rare these days that you have the opportunity to work with (not for) a company that can provide you with these.

Maybe you want to learn about building and running an online business? You get to learn directly from us -- see and experience first hand how we do it. As a Customer Happiness Hero, you’ll be playing an integral role in helping us (and yourself) grow.

We grow together. Not just the company. But you and us. All of us.



You're comfortable with a little chaos and uncertainty. We move fast and sometimes make decisions without all of the information.

You are passionate about serving and helping people and always willing to go the extra mile to make them happy.

You communicate clearly and succinctly.

You are good at teaching. Why is this important? Because you’ll be teaching and showing our customers how to do this and that inside our product.

You are a self-starter, disciplined, and possess self-management skills. If you require a lot of “hand-holding”, “spoon-feeding”, and step-by-step instructions, this is not for you.

You are creative and can solve problems. We don’t just want answers, we want the problems solved.

You are able to read and write well in English since all support will be done in English. Good spoken English is a plus.

You have previous experience in customer service/support, preferably in a SaaS environment.

You are ready and willing to learn new things.

You are a fast learner.

You love to use online tools.

You love the internet and you have a reliable internet connection.

And of course you love to work and play hard.



Work from anywhere you want in the world. Home, cafes, restaurants, friend’s place, girlfriend’s place, boyfriend’s place, uncle’s place, or maybe you’re aspire to be a digital nomad -- traveling from one city/country to another to have fun while working. Really… if you can think of working from somewhere -- anywhere -- we don’t have a problem with that. It’s up to you as long as you deliver the goods :-)

For all we care you could even work in your underwear! (just remember to put on some clothes when we do video calls… ehem ehem)

Flexible schedule -- work anytime you wish.

Enjoy doing what you do instead of only “working for money”.

Paid leave and competitive salary.

Medical insurance.



When applying, please tell us:

1) Why do you want to work with (not for) us?
2) How do you think your skills and experience can help our customers?
3) Are you looking for full-time or part-time work?
4) Do you have any experience working night shift?
5) Are you willing to work night shift (8pm - 5am GMT+7)?
6) What is your nationality and where are you currently residing?


5000000 - 6000000 IDR

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