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Software Engineer (Backend)

SourceSage is a venture-backed technology company which aims to make it more efficient and transparent to source and sell on-demand. We provide a web and mobile platform to deliver real-time market information and brokerage services to manufacturers, traders, distributors, and end customers, in order to faciliate global commodities trades.Our products/services include Market Data Subscription, Trading/Brokerage, and Software as a Service.


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As a part of the global engineering team in a fast-paced environment, our software engineers work on a multitude of problems, including:

  • Product-related: Work with the product team to design new features from scratch that immediately impact our key customers and users across the web and mobile platforms
  • Ops-related: Reducing operations costs by consolidating servers on AWS
  • Onboarding: Writing Docker compose scripts to help other engineers setup their dev environment easily
  • CI/CD: Automate builds and deployments so engineers can work on more important tasks
  • Monitoring: Collecting and aggregating logs for improve visibility over the system
  • Meta-concerns: participate in improving the overall software development process itself

Many of these processes are still far from optimal, and needs constant fine-tuning. The engineering team is looking for a backend developer who is good and can help in the above endeavour. A proactive, team player who can identify and fix inefficiencies in our processes, and be willing to implement software systems to ultimately advance the business forward.


This position is for Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)


Common points we look out for:

  • Experience in Python is a MUST. Candidates with experienced in Java, PHP, Ruby, Elixir, C#, Swift is a bonus and are also welcome to bring their best practices here
  • Experience writing tests for their code
  • Takes pride in improving code so that the system as a whole is efficient, testable and maintainable for the team
  • A proactive team player
  • Ability to interact with some remote engineers


For Backend Position:

  • Good system design skills
  • Experience with writing efficient queries for relational databases
  • Experience with message queues
  • Experience managing servers on AWS or similar IaaS platforms.


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