Teeb TV
Country : Malaysia
  • Co-founder


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Teeb TV, the "Netflix for Indie", is a global media platform, branding and technology company, with a focus on streaming FREE independent contents - films, short films, TV and Web Series, and music from Indonesia.

Teeb TV brand today reaches more than 4 million people worldwide with its contents across several online platforms in Indonesia and the world. Teeb TV’s brand extensions include content distributions and broadcasting license agreements.

The company establishes Teeb Digital, an in-house creative agency based in Sydney, Australia. With unprecedented access to and understanding of advertising culture, Teeb Digital helps brands rewire their marketing for the media landscape including branded content, creative development, strategy and insight, events and activations as well as platform development.


1. For production co-founder, to manage, post, edit and produce original video for Teeb TV on the website and platform partners, AND any relevant ad hoc tasks.

2. For full stack developer co-founder, to build, manage and maintain the front & back end and the website, AND any relevant ad hoc tasks.


Production Co-Founder - video editing and production background, own Final Cut and graphic editing software

Full Stack Developer Co-Founder - Experience in working on full stack, front & back end development and CRM on the cloud system, especially MS Azure or AWS, Wordpress, PHP etc

Can work remotely


Components instead of salary

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