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Technical Support (Intern)

Second CRM

Second CRM is our core business automation solution designed to make medium to large corporations more productive by automating their operations using Internet and mobile technologies. We champion smoother digital transformation using incremental automation of business processes as opposed to large scale disruptive change.

Second CRM focuses on improving all business functions, right from Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Operations to even Billing and Payments and it easily fits in to most business environments by being flexible, cost effective and easy to use application. Second CRM provides a holistic view of customer interactions across all business functions. By adopting incremental automation of business processes, Second CRM takes you through a journey of smoother digital transformation. This proven process significantly reduces workload and accelerates growth while enabling companies to focus 100% of their time on what counts the most – Customers.

Our Vision

To be the Digital Transformation Partner of choice and to make every medium to large corporation more productive by automating their operations using Internet and mobile technologies.

High Growth Phase

We are actively looking to hire creative bright talents to join us, as Developers [PHP/MySQL, Android, iOS], Designers [web and mobile UI], Project Manager, Business Analysts, Sales [Inside sales and business dev], Marketing [Social Media, Content writer, full stack Marketing], Finance [Accounting, International taxation] and so many more.

SoftSolvers is headquartered in Singapore and has operations in Malaysia, Australia and USA.

SoftSolvers Research & Development Centre and Regional Support Center is based in Cyberjaya, in CBD Perdana area, near D'Pulze Mall and lot of food eatries and entertainment zones.


  • Learn about the CRM domain knowledge for various industries and also indepth understanding the Second CRM application (how to use to, configure it to perform different tasks)
  • Analyse the needs of the customers and help them manage those using the different features of Second CRM and support them if they face any problem
  • Understand new requirements from customers and coordinate with developers in fullfilling those in the Second CRM application

Note: Depending upon your interest we can put you for real coding/sql queries stuff or bit less technical tasks like product support stuff, but in both cases we do need you to have the basics of PHP/mysql, so have to study and come for interview.


MUST have the basic understanding of web based software development and working knowledge in PHP, Java Script and MySQL
Minimum 6 months internship duration and ready to join fulltime upon completion, depending upon performance
MUST have done at least one completed project (can be FYP also) using PHP, where you've written PHP and javascript code and sql queries yourself
Exceptionally Good at explaining things to other, especially over phone
MUST have an IT mindset – World will be a better place with using IT
MUST have good Extra Curricular activities during the course
Excellent Aptitude, Attitude and Commitment are Must
Good communication skills

If you have what we need and are interested, you need to study the below mentioned topics and come to our Cyberjaya office for interview.  Let me know once you are ready for the interview, I’ll arrange the date and time.

Product Knowledge
Read everything on the company website at 

Play around with the online demo at and also go through the User Manual at and follow as much as you can.

Technical Knowledge
Basics of PHP
Basics of MYSQL
Revise all the basic database concepts [PK/FK, Normalization, Relationship, Indexes, etc]
Basic SQL Queries [Select, Insert, Update, Delete, Joins (Inner, Left Outer, Right Outer)]
Executing SQL Queries using PHP [a simple process of inserting/updating Data in Database]
Using phpMyAdmin tool to do basic/advanced MySQL Admin functions
Try to complete as much tutorials as you can so to understand/revise the concepts clearly.


850 - 1000 MYR

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