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Product Manager

All about Mining Rig Club in Q&A Style!

Q1. In one sentence, explain what Mining Rig Club does?

We exist to create the future of blockchain with proprietary hardware, software technology and our global network of blockchain and cryptocurrency data centres.

Q2. What motivated us to create Mining Rig Club?

To right a wrong.

Cryptocurrency mining is a beautiful industry that is meant to empower the blockchain, the future of technology. We look at this as a bridge to the new era, where we have machines directly generating income for Mankind, for the greater good.

The sad thing is, many Mining Rig sellers are exploiting the lack of knowledge amongst locals. Initially being newbies, we were all taken for a ride... we were promised a monthly income of SGD700 by this particular seller, only to find that we were getting just SGD200, with no proper customer service, explanation or signed documents. When we dialled the seller to resolve our issues, he went overseas for vacation! We were so afraid that they were on the run! Gradually when we went out to speak with more sellers, we just couldn't find one single company which is trustworthy. We ended up burning $40,000 of my own money.

Having experienced the pain first-hand on behalf of our future clients and investors, we decided to solve this problem. We gathered our team, spoke about what we can and should do, and we started relentlessly executing on it. Our mission since then, has been to shed light and represent this industry in an ethical manner. Our customers, resellers and community view us as trusted educators in this industry. Because of that, we are able to attract a rock solid high profile board of advisors and investors that believe in the same mission as us.

Q3. How has your start-up journey been so far?

Amazing! Waking up everyday knowing that our actions are positively impacting our clients and investors motivates us!. Knowing that we are contributing and bridging the future of technology to Mankind is inspiring.

Q4. What is the most important lesson you have learnt?

Doing good and being sustainable can go hand in hand. By being the guys who restore faith in this industry and teaching others how to practice this business ethically, we will build a longterm business.

Q5. What is your key product/solution?

We create sustainable mining farms that generate great ROI for our investors and customers.

Q6. How does it help us in our daily lives?

In the past, we trade time for money. By having these machines work for us, we are entering a new era, where we directly have machines working for us. This is just the beginning.

Q7. What is the uniqueness of this product/ solution compared to others?

Firstly, we are in the business of creating profitable farms, not in retail sales. Hence, we offer a higher ROI and a structure for investing in our farms. This is achievable because we can reap the economies of scale that we have from our global large clients and share the discounts locally. We are also building an entire ecosystem of products and services to support the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining. Every new iteration of our product and services will be used to boost our farm's effectiveness. Our background in Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence as helped us to design solutions to augment our products in further reducing costs, increasing productivity and drawing higher ROI.

Q8. Are the products/solutions available in the market?

Of course they are! You can see them running Live at data centres both locally and overseas. Tune in to our facebook group for more exciting news of future launches!


Product Manager


Reporting to the CEO, you will be responsible for the following:

-Lead and align the product team with the strategy and priorities of the company.

-Define and execute on the product vision and strategy from head to end.

-Define features and milestones, including UAT and BAT.

-Define, analyse and track metrics to determine success of products.

-Manage stakeholders, including designers, developers, ecosystem partners etc. towards achieving milestones.

-integrate studies and analysis based on data into the products.


What we offer:

-A flat hierachy team of believers in the company's mission, coupled with a community that loves our mission, that creates a strong sense of belonging that is never felt in other regular companies.

-A ready base of users for the products you create, from the ecosystem that we have built.

-Personal and professional development through real-projects that impact the world.

-Travel Opportunities to set up and manage new offices overseas.

-Stock options and large responsibilities for performers.



-Entrepreneurial mindset is a MUST.

-Amazing people skills is a MUST.

-Belief in cryptocurrency is a MUST.

-Able to work on MORE THAN ONE product at any time.

-Experienced and able to create an internal system/workflow to manage remote and crossborder teams.

-At least 2 years of experience managing digital web and mobile app products.

-Confident yet willing to listen to opinions to improve.

-A thoroughly hands-on ground personality.

-Excellent written and oral skills.

-Ability to use GitHub and Photoshop


2500 - 3500 SGD

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