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Business Development Manager

Plato is Singapore's most popular web-based Clinic Management Software and Electronic Medical Records System. It is a beautiful, simple, easy to use product that automates the work of both doctors and staff, letting them focus on what matters: their patients. 

As an employer, Plato is seeking employees that are driven and passionate about making it easier for doctors and nurses to care for patients. Our goal is to dramatically reduce admin work in healthcare. 

As a healthcare company, Plato also cares deeply about its employees, and invests in their work-life balance, ongoing training, and health insurance. 



You are conscientious, honest, self-disciplined, curious, and gritty. The Plato team will teach you its full product and will give you engineering support and visibility into the product pipeline. You will have all the prodcut knowledge you need to succeed. 

Your day-to-day will involve both prospecting for leads and closing leads brought to you through referrals and marketing. Plato is great with customer success and support, and will manage customer's onboarding process. 

Plato pays salary + generous commission. When we win, you win. 



  • Previous experience in sales is absolutely required. You must have great soft skills and track record of closing. Tell us about your previous experience in sales. 
  • Experience selling medical or technical products is preferred. If you have sold a SaaS product before, we will prioritize your application. 
  • Self discipline and the ability to set (and deliver on) ambitious goals is required. In your application, tell us about the most ambitious goal you have set for yourself, why you set the goal, and how you finally achieved it. 
  • Curiousity and technical skills required. You do not need to be able to code, but you should be curious and well-informed about tech and/or healthtech. You should be super comfortable with computers and have invested time and energy in the tech or healthcare sectors. 
  • Degree holder preferred (any field, though business and tech are preferred). 


3700 - 4300 SGD

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