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Content Writer at Vulcan Post Malaysia

We're a media group with several online publications that's powered by youth driven content to inspire and enthuse our readers. Our media assets include Vulcan Post, DiscoverKL, Millennials of KL, and we want to grow bigger and launch even more!

Vulcan Post Malaysia:

Our vision is to introduce readers to the latest digital lifestyle news so that they can bring our topics and discussions to daily conversations.

Our small but ambitious editorial team writes articles that will appeal to the digitally savvy millennial—stories revolving around local startups and initiatives, tech lifestyle pieces, inspirational people, and trending social media news.


This job doesn't just require you to write—you write to educate, increase awareness and engage the mind of our readers. 

Creativity and an inquisitive mind are your strengths. You're able to ask the right questions to fully understand the subject at hand. You are able to think out of the box to create content angles that will blow anyone's mind. 

Deadlines are not the enemy, but rather your guide, so that you're able to assist the editorial team in consistently publishing good content. You have a passion for editing and writing, and you love how words are able to influence and affect minds. Your friends think you're OCD with grammar and details. To them you're a bit of a nuisance; to us, you're an asset.

You don't believe that there's one viewpoint for everything, and you believe there's always another side to the story. You'll hunt it down if you have to. You understand how tone, style and language can influence content, and you can also manipulate these to match the publication. You're not just a one trick pony who writes in one approved format, you're a shape-shifting chameleon that can move into other writer's pieces and edit as if their voices are yours. You're interested in a myriad of subjects, and you're not afraid to pick up new skills to challenge yourself. In fact, you've already been doing that, with video editing, social media management or even photoshop. 

You work well in a team, but you're also an independent spirit who likes to get sh*t done. We're a small team, but you're free to pick each brain to refine and polish your work. In fact, we welcome it. Occasionally you'd be representing the publication at events. You're not one to shy away from strangers. Meeting new people delights you, plus you don't mind getting free food and drinks while exchanging name cards with everyone. 

Most importantly, you're looking for a job to fully commit to. It's not JUST a job to make ends meet, it's something that you want to be passionate about and invested in emotionally. If this is you, we want to meet. Hopefully you will find our lame jokes and boisterous laughter bearable.


  • You've been a Vulcan Post reader. So you understand our content well. The local startup community is an ecosystem that excites you and you want to write about them. 
  • Well articulated and able to communicate clearly and effectively (it really does help to cut down excess work due to misaligned expectations). 
  • You have some editing experience and you’ve also written pieces for various other publications that showcase your style and thought processes. 
  • You can do more than write and edit. Managed social media pages before or done a spate of video editing? Let us know your other talents. 
  • Don't mind coming to work in casual wear and you don't feel awkward that everyone (yes, even the boss) dresses down in the office. 
  • You’re able to spend time outside work attending events and networking to meet new faces. Or to join us for dinner (we're foodies). 
  • Sometimes, you'll be asked to pose 'unphotogenically' (refer to some of our articles). But it's all in good fun. We promise.

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