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We have fun and get shit done!

Our startup is different as we actively work towards balancing play and fun. Of course getting serious shit done in a startup is important, but it's equally important that you are doing something you like and that you are learning and growing in the process.

We're MagLoft and we are a small team of 4 based in Bali, Indonesia. We love what we do, which is kicking the ass of Adobe and other high cost solutions for digital magazines, brochures, events and internal communication apps. Remote work is absolutely an option but we would love for you to join us in Bali.

See a typical workday in paradise here:

We are associated with which is a special kind of incubator and community for entrepreneurs. MagLoft is a Singapore registered startup, but we have most of our operations in Bali.

We are currently searching for two skilled developers (Javascript and Ruby) and we look forward to hearing from you.

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