Mining Rig Club
Country : Singapore

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Mining Rig Club is more than a start-up. We're on a mission to revolutionise the global cryptocurrency mining landscape. We build and host proprietary mining rigs in our blockchain data centre. Each mining rig generates cryptocurrency in real time, which serves as a form of passive income for our customers and investors.

Outsiders doubted that this business could work in Singapore, but we have created real results which has proven others wrong. We also focus a lot on educating the public and hence, we have rapidly built an organic community of missionaries that support what we believe in.

Our track record includes having:

- Customers who hail from 6 countries

- a full-fledged team from 5 countries handling farm operations, technology, coding, design, marketing

- $1,000,000+ of real revenue. Insane monthly growth

- 3000+ sqft of hosting facilities, with more to come

- An incredible board of renowned backers who owns Facebook, Alibaba, Uber, Spotify, etc.

The best part? We have achieved this in just a span of 3.5 months. We are action-packed and we're hurtling (at the speed of a bullet train!) into the future together. We're not your typical type of huddle-in-the-corner startup but we are all in it to win as a team.

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