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Haulio is a fast-growing startup in the Container Haulage industry. Backed by the world’s leading Ports and Terminals Group, PSA, Haulio is solving a global Container Haulage infrastructural problem through new thinking and new technologies.

With the first product roll-out in Singapore in May 2017, Haulio is already Singapore’s Largest Haulier Network, connecting over 50 Haulage companies together into one single platform. Today, Haulio moves more than a hundred containers daily and we are on track to further support Singapore’s port - one of the busiest ports in the world.

Haulio systems are powered by the Cloud, IoT and Predictive Analytics combined with Advanced Routing and Scheduling Algorithms to redefine and smoothen the container haulage processes, ensuring that containers are collected and delivered like clockwork to match the demands and expectations of Industry 4.0.

The Haulio team is a strong congregation of both business, technology and academia. Led by the co-founders, Alvin and Sebastian, the team gels together the best of business experience and technological expertise, allowing Haulio to move quickly and effectively within the industry. We are always on the lookout strong individuals who are keen in contributing for the greater good, unboxing and pushing boundaries to make the world a better place.

Together, we learn, we grow, we share, and we make a difference.

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