Country : Malaysia

Kwikcar on Startup Jobs Asia

Summary Info

Kwikcar is the Airbnb for cars in South East Asia. Operating out of Malaysia, Kwikcar is an exciting early stage peer to peer carsharing platform that connects people with idle cars to people who needs one.

Our Mission

Kwikcar aims to redefine car ownership as we know it. There are 45 million passenger vehicles in South East Asia that most sits idle for more than 20 hours a day. Kwikcar is a marketplace that connect these underutilised vehicles to people who needs a car on an ad hoc or short term basis.

Our Culture

We are a group of highly dynamic and collaborative team. Experience working in a fast pace objective driven startup. Every of your input impacts the organisation's growth and direction. Join us and be part of the family, being made up of amazingly energetic, sensibly smart, and highly enthusiastic individuals.

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