Country : Malaysia

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FoodTime is a food delivery mobile app, available in iOS & Android, which allows users to order food online from restaurants/cafes, home-cooks & cloud kitchens (like Dahmakan & Mammam).

Mission: To provide a multi-purpose and reliable food delivery platform for everyone

Target users: delivery services, restaurants/cafes, home cooks & cloud kitchens

Vision: To become the #1 trusted food delivery marketplace in Malaysia

Problems & solution: There are two many establishments offering food delivery on isolated or inefficient platforms. Home cooks & cloud kitchens particularly rely on individual websites or Facebook groups to market their services. This is inefficient as business owners are required to post regularly and actively to get the word out. Thus their marketing effort & costs are often left with little return. By hosting thousands of these home cooks & cloud kitchens in one app, their services will regain visibility & allow its customers to order food more easily - through a stable interface instead of direct messaging. This also allows home cooks & cloud kitchens to manage their delivery orders easily - which reduces error & delay.

Food delivery services like Foodpanda & Runningman will benefit from appearing on multiple platforms instead of just one app. This ensures that their restaurants/cafes and other food establishment will gain extra exposure and thus increase the number of orders placed. Competition-wise, our services are not a direct competition to these food delivery services, but rather as a partner.

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