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Country : India

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Summary Info

We are a small production house with offices in Singapore and India. We learn, experiment, and build our products for small businesses (, and use our expertise to help other startups to build their products.

Our Mission

To take the technologies and ideas of yesteryear out of use.

Our Culture

  • A person’s value is not based on their title or years of experience, but rather on how they contribute to the common effort. Every member of our team feels responsible for the job they do and is proud of it.

  • Education is everything. The person should have a chance to better their skills all the time. The working environment should be incentive to the continuous learning, ideas should be shared, knowledge multiplied, soda drunken. There is a lot of things we don’t know or can’t do. There is nothing we cannot learn.

  • Great user experience is essential to any product. We encourage empathic thinking for all our employees.


Free soda in the office

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