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Summary Info

Snapask was founded to provide personalised learning experiences to every student, regardless of background or status. Having grown up experiencing cram school culture first-hand, the founders started offering small class learning experiences through a small scale tutoring center in HK. In order to make these experiences more accessible, they later decided to shift their efforts to a mobile platform.

There's a seismic shift in Hong Kong's tutoring market, from offline to online. Snapask is at the forefront of bringing quality tutoring into the pocket of every student, by matching university-level tutors with students on-demand. Hong Kong alone already boasts between USD 2-4 billion spent annually on education. By escaping the physical confines of the classroom, tutoring centres and so-called cram schools; using Snapask, everyone can get academic questions they have answered at anytime.

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Our Mission

Officially founded in 2014, Snapask aims to

give every student the tool to learn in the most customized manner, efficient

and hassle-free, and yet in a minimal cost. Snapask, which released in January

2015, is a mobile app that allows students to ask questions about anything in

one click. And we can connect them to the most eligible tutors by

crowd-sourcing to provide a real-time one-to-one online class.

Our Culture

Ask the right questions.


Snapask, we try to match the best answers to every users' questions. We further

recognise that we have to ask the right questions in the first place, so as to

build a long lasting company. We're committed to asking the right questions by

living and working our core values.

Our commitment


improvement is a shared responsibility. Action is an independent one.

Our values

Ÿ Challenge: We recognise that every

challenge is an opportunity in disguise. For both business and learning.

Ÿ Collaborate: We're proactive about

getting things done, together. You'll never hear us say 'It's not my job'.

Ÿ Communicate: We don't bullshit. We focus

on open, thoughtful and responsible communication.

Ÿ Courage: Nothing was ever achieved by

standing still. Don't worry about being wrong, worry about not trying.

Ÿ Customer: Customer service is not a

department, it's everyone's job. We consider their perspective first and


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