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Noggin is a personal data company. We make the parts creating seamless consumer experiences. The idea behind Noggin started from our close collaboration with the HAT research project in the UK (

We do this by helping people to collect, store, contextualize and harvest their personal data with other public/private datasets in a privacy-preserving & secure manner (to monetize or benefit) where:
i) businesses can use to co-create unique, personalized service propositions
ii) consumers can gain relevant & meaningful insights of themselves
iii) marketers can conduct permissive 1-1 consumer targeting, and
iv) for research purpose, brands can make direct (exchange) offers to trade for people's data.

Our unique value proposition lies in the proprietary data-flattening, context-aware & privacy-first integrated technology, and the pay-as-use & multi-sided platform biz model.

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