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FundPark on Startup Jobs Asia

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FundPark - an online marketplace for Trade Finance in Asia

FundPark is an online trade finance platform, providing corporates (“SMEs”) invoice financing and purchase order financing solutions, leveraging on the information flow of the supply chain. Unlike traditional bank financing, FundPark provides a user-friendly portal, allowing SMEs turning their invoices and purchase orders into cash. On the other hand, individual professional investors and institutional investors could participate trade financing on FundPark’s platform, providing liquidity to help grow SMEs’ business.

As a start-up operated for 2 years, FundPark has already helped more than 200 SMEs to achieve their greater turnover and profit. Aiming to build a sustainable and efficient ecosystem, FundPark is partnering with local and global organisations including a trade credit insurance company, global corporate data centres, logistic companies, online accounting systems and other platforms that provide solutions to SMEs as well.

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