Rich Monkeys
Country : Malaysia

Rich Monkeys on Startup Jobs Asia

Summary Info

In Rich Monkeys Technology, we are trying to create a fun (Google-like) working environment where everyone is encouraged to speak their mind, exchange ideas and share knowledge.

Recently, we just got funded by a VC and we are extremely delighted because our company is going to be part of something Big! However, the idea and the fund are not to be disclosed at the mean time.

Therefore, we hope people who are passionate, creative and fun could join our Monkey family as we can learn, laugh and grow together!

What do you get?
1) A close and friendly working environment
2) Gain experience on how startup company works
3) Handle projects from different industries
4) Able to follow founders to meetings, appointments, fundraising and other exciting events.
5) You are always welcome to voice out your ideas, opinions and suggestions.

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