Loca Asia Sdn Bhd
Country : Malaysia

Loca Asia Sdn Bhd on Startup Jobs Asia

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Paystore turns trusted local neighbourhood stores throughout the country into online supermarkets and allows customers to drop in and make purchases for a variety of products and services from online businesses, manufacturers and suppliers.

At Paystore, we all come to work everyday because we want to innovate an age old system, and bring it into the digital age. As many services still maintain offline income stream, we want to bring all services, products, and commerce transactions online, to open the doors to many retailers and partners whom do not have the same technology capabilities to compete with online giants.

We see that as an inconvenience we would like to solve by helping these industries modernise and join the digital era with renewed competitiveness. By providing paystore points and a convenient platform for many products and services online, we have begun to transform South East Asia, into our vision of the future.

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