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ABOUT US - CusJo is the world’s most advanced primary research intelligence platform for talent optimisation, customer experience and market research.

We hire for:

Character, Competency & Capacity!

What that means is, if you are given an opportunity to work with us you will have to be exemplary in your conduct, deliver on your targets within budget and time, and develop yourself ahead of the needs of the organisation.

We love ideas, ideals, inventors, innovators and instigators.

We love people who just won't stop till they have delivered their absolute best and then strive forward to set new standards, all over again.

We love those whose live life to the full; those who work hard, play hard and contribute to the betterment of humanity.

And if that sound like you or something you deeply care to do, then and only then do we want to hear from you.

Because we don't offer jobs, we offer opportunities for you to be great.

Our Mission

To build the absolute best customer journey technologies anywhere in the world and complement them with top notch initiatives, for an unassailable advantage.

Our Culture

Creative, inventive & innovative.


We firmly believe you should be rewarded according to merit in line with your contribution. So contribute and your benefits will be endless.

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