PT Teknologi Kuantum Indonesia
Country : Indonesia

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PT TEKNOLOGI KUANTUM INDONESIA is a company engaged in the field of financial technology that provides credit to the user through an application platform in the form of lending, specifically, personal loans. In today’s market condition, microlending through application platform has proven to be 20 times more efficient than the solutions provided by traditional financial institutions. We believe everyone deserves the access to credit regardless of who they are or where they come from, which is why we aim to provide a transparent, easy-to-use, and fair micro-loan product. Since our target consumers are those lacking access to credit, this product operates by leveraging up-to-date technology, data analytics, and a tremendous focus on customer experiences.


Corporate Vision

Leading new trends infinancial technology within Southeast Asia

Corporate Mission

Providing everyone with theopportunity to create a prosperous life

Corporate Value

1. Respect for culture: respectfor Indonesian culture and customs

2. Team work: Eager to help each other, share the samegoal,

bold in goal-achievement

3. Be creative: create new technologies and new models

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