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GarGeon is a cloud-based waste & recycling platform that solves challenges in the oldest waste industry and by using data technology to make business waste management smarter, cost-saving and sustainable. Most importantly, helping businesses to divert waste from landfill. GarGeon was founded in 2017 and currently offers waste & recycling hauling services in Malaysia by leveraging private waste & recycling haulers network. GarGeon's mission focus is to connect the waste & recycling haulers network and improve the waste & recycling hauling logistics alternatives between haulers and customers in terms of reliability, cost, speed, quality, and environmental sustainability. GarGeon's vision hope able to make a zero waste city.

Talk to us today to be a part of changing the world and solving the oldest and traditional industry with "codes". We hustle, work hard, brainstorm and teamwork to form a disruptive startup team. We want people to join onboard in building supportive, innovative and creative working environment.


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