AIQ Pte Ltd
Country : Singapore

AIQ Pte Ltd on Startup Jobs Asia

Summary Info

AIQ is a Singapore-based computer vision
solutions company powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our video and image
recognition technology allow for instantaneous processing of videos and images,
even if only 30 per cent of the video or image is captured. We provide
companies the ability to increase customer engagement, create an experiential
customer journey, extend brand loyalty and connect information in the physical
space with the wealth of information available online. AIQ’s 360° multi-channel
solution bridges the offline to online (O2O) gap as well as supports the green
initiative. It also provides real-time analytics which captures customers’
offline behaviour before linking them with online data. Companies are able to
view and measure the full range of statistics via a CMS displaying real-time
customer interaction with offline assets, which allows them to better
understand customer preferences in order to select the most effective channels
to engage loyal customers.

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