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Living Menu is a hosted cooking exchange for anyone who wants to have fun cooking in a casual environment with friends, family or even strangers.

Whether you’re looking to discover different cultures through food, learn new dishes and cooking tips, experiment with new recipes, meet like-minded people, or bond with your friends and loved ones over cooking as a recreational activity, there’s no better place than our cooking sessions.

At Living Menu, we connect people through the common language of food. There is more to food than just what’s on the plate. It tells a story about who you are. It's about the heart and soul put into each creation. It's about reliving the memories of an unfamiliar dish you ate whilst traveling, and the feeling it gave you from the first bite.

It's also about rediscovering your roots through the food you grew up eating when you're all alone in a foreign land, and what it means to you. Join us on a culinary adventure beyond just flavours.

Join our team as the company embark on an ambitious 3 year plan to become Asia’s industry leader through a combination of creative thinking, meticulous financial modeling and systematic execution.

Our founders have extensive international experience in private equity, quantitative analysis and corporate finance. We believe what separate great companies from good companies are the people behind them. We aim to foster a strong working culture with clear career advancement path to encourage exceptional contribution.

Successful candidate should possess the following traits:

Passionate about what you do

Team player

Believes in hard work and the 10,000 hour rule

Problem solver without self-limiting belief

Agrees that honesty and integrity are fundamental to everything in life

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