Country : Malaysia

Yoodo on Startup Jobs Asia

Summary Info

Yoodo, Malaysia’s newest mobile brand, was launched as the
country’s first truly customisable digital mobile service. Built on the premise
that the customer knows best, Yoodo brings to market a new and comprehensive
mobile offering that gives customers the ultimate choice and control over their
plans while delivering simple, clear and engaging customer service.

Our Mission

We challenge the status quo. We throw out the rules and make our own. Our mission: To create a service that lets people experience full control. To bring the ‘Wow’ factor back into the game. Giving people a voice, allowing them a choice. All while keeping everything clear and simple.

No longer will we be slaves to the telco giants with so many options but no real choices. We want to give our members what they really want – by putting their plan into their own hands.

We break boundaries so that everyone can experience freedom. We are Yoodo.

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