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BakeWithChef, an online class to teach anyone to become a pastry chef was founded by 2 individuals, one an Executive Master Chef Niklesh who loves teaching others how to make pastries. Every year, he receives thousands of emails from all over the world asking him to conduct classes, creating online programs, recipe and tips.

The other Angeline, who loves baking and being in the kitchen but has been struggling to get top notch recipes right. Although there are tons of free resource online, the recipe and steps is hard to follow and have not been tried and tested professionally.

In BakeWithChef, you can learn exactly what full time students learn in Pastry schools. Thought by experience Chefs, you can go through these recipes at your home or your kitchen at your own pace. All these recipes are tried and tested again and again and our participating students have gone on to use these recipes in their own cafes, 5-star hotels, competitions, events or just simply just to share with family and friends. This guarantee 100 % success in replication of the recipes in your home.

All you need to do is follow our video recipes, the chef’s instruction and refer back if you need to have a repeat. We have a comment section in the videos for you to ask any questions. The products and equipment we used in the recipes are readily available in most countries. If in doubt we are happy to help.

With this site, we wish you all the best in your upcoming video learning and take your first steps as a chef. Being in the kitchen is therapeutic when you have the right guidance.

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